London's nightlife is intense and just bursting with the F word - FUN! Of course, its clubs are particularly attractive and irresistible. But because London, like every other city, has its own unique beauties and peculiarities, enjoying its clubs to the full requires a little bit of handy information.


First off, you have to remember that London has a very dense population, so be prepared for large queues.  It's always best to buy your tickets in advance so you don't have to deal with those crowds! Tickets can be purchased online, or if you must buy them at the door, just make sure you get to the club earlier. 


Another thing you need to know about Londoners is that they are very particular with time. If there are special events, expect schedules and other important details exposed ahead of time. This actually works for you because you will have time checking alternative plans.


While different clubs have their own operating hours, parties generally start at around 10pm, although people may start drinking their pubs by 6pm or 7pm. Pubs often close by 12 midnight on a workweek, while pub-bars and clubs can party until 4am. Of course, weekends are a different story. Most clubs are open until 6am or even 7am, and in some cases, the parties last until evening of the next day! Yes! Take note though that most places will not let you in after 2am. Know more about Toy Room guestlist.


As for discounts, yes, some club give them in many different shapes and sizes. There are student nights, where you can get in at a lower rate or sometimes for free if you can show a valid student ID, costumes night with free drinks, happy hours, and so on. If you're a regular at a certain club, you can apply for a privilege card that will qualify you for perks like more ticket discounts, getting past queues, etc. 


For younger clubbers, the age limit is usually 18 but there are stricter clubs that don't accept anyone younger than 21. Elite West End clubs are known to be strict with these, but unless your looks practically gives away your age, it's usually not a problem. In addition, remember that London clubs and other nightspots like pubs and bars, do not allow smoking. And if you're a smoker, you'll find cigarettes very expensive. You can also learn more tips on where to find the best nightclubs in London by checking out the post at



London is inarguably one of the most expensive cities in the world, and clubbing will obviously not be cheap.  But as soon as you get into the circuit, you will almost never think cost. Check out the Drama table booking for more info.